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Central Virginia Educational Resource Programs, Inc. Our mission is to provide educational, supportive, and outreach services to all individuals children and families, from all sources of life regardless of color, race, or sexual orientation and cultural and social-economic status of all groups in the community. CVERP further wants to improve/increase the sense of belonging of past offenders in our criminal systems by providing healthy connections at the community level through the creation of educational opportunities to improve the overall quality of life and wellbeing. We strive to eradicate poverty and underemployment in our local community through the provision of services.

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Dr. Brandon's Biography


Educator, Author, and Motivational Speaker, Dr. Curtis D. Brandon, Sr, is a native of Richmond, Virginia. Growing up in the inner city, Dr. Brandon had meager beginnings, but that did not stop him from achieving his goals. Succeeding in basketball, first to score as a middle school basketball player in Henrico County Public Schools,  56 points in one-game, Most Valuable Player awards in several CIAA bowl football games and Academics Honors from several universities. Dr. Brandon graduated from Virginia Union University (VUU), where his love of learning and teaching began to flourish.   Although he was a talented Athlete in all sports, Dr. Brandon focused his attention on becoming an educator, specifically, an educator that would help those who faced challenges in learning. Leaving VUU, Dr. Brandon decided to give back to his community through education in the Richmond Public Schools and Henrico County Public Schools for  over 30 years. After leaving the public school system, Dr. Brandon continues in the private sector at St. Josephs' Village school for students with disabilities as an assistant principal and teacher.

“Dr. Brandon’s message on knowing your value is one of the most sincere and   passionate speeches I have ever heard. He goes the distance to frame hope and   outline success for anyone with a dream. He is thoughtful   and provoking.” T. Edmondson, Parent of Public-School Student

“Dr. Brandon helped me realize my worth and gift as a young man from a poor family. Knowing I am the first to go to college in my family makes more sense now.

-G. Robertson, Future Educator

"I never knew that I had a gift that never was challenged until hearing Dr. Brandon’s motivational words on goal setting and believing in something other than negative comments, My life and becoming a positive force in my community can be seen in my will to do better and be something in life, thanks"  “Dr. B”

N. Copeland- Henrico county public schools (former)

"Dr. Brandon helped my child to graduate from school with all his support and guidance, he helped me to understand how to work with a child with disabilities, I am so thankful"

Ms. Justin Long-Parent-

"We the Virginia Union University  Football team have great respect for Dr. Brandon and his ability to motivate, inspire and encourage potential leaders in our community as his motivational speeches has turned our lives toward positive change" Thanks, Dr. B

VUU Football Team 2017-2019

"The athletes coaches and the L.C.Byrd  family would like to thank Dr. Brandon for  inspiring so many of us to higher levels of expectations and how to get to the next level, your motivational speeches are  heavenly sent" thanks Dr. Brandon

L.C. BYRD Athletics 2017-2019

Throughout his professional  career, Dr. Brandon maintained a thirst for knowledge and continued his education and earned numerous degrees including:

-Master of Science in Communications Technology

-Master of Arts in Education

-Ed.D. Doctorate of Education

-Ed.S. Educational Specialist in Leadership and Special Education

-Ph.D. General Psychology

Author of Leadership and Adoption of Instructional Technology in Schools

Dr. Brandon also raining as an Educational Specialist in Educational Leadership and Special Education and is currently seeking a Doctorate of Philosophy in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.


As Founder and CEO of Central Virginia Educational Resource   Programs, Inc. (CVERP), a nonprofit organization, Dr. Brandon teaches   special education children the fundamentals of math and reading. He also helps young adults with GED completion, adult career development, college   preparedness, work skills readiness, behavior reform, and the facilitation of support groups for individuals and families, among other services.

His motto is, ”If you don’t believe in something, you’ll fall for anything.” Keeping this belief close to heart, he works tirelessly to help others   navigate their way through life, especially when life seems to be working   against them. Whether you read his book, Leadership and Instructional Technology in Schools, attend one of his speaking engagements, or even if you’re one of his many students, his goal is to show   you that barriers can be broken. Success is obtainable and you can be an inspiration to others, no matter how you started in this world.  

                                      Dr. Brandon’s Speaking Topics:

Throughout his professional  career, Dr. Brandon maintained a thirst for knowledge and continued his education and earned numerous degrees including:

· Professional Workshops on Organizational Leadership

· Professional Workshops on Employee Motivation

· Professional Workshops on Individualized Educational Plan (IEP'S):

· Professional Workshops on Children with Disabilities:

                            Strategies for Success (YOUNG ADULTS VERSION)







   Forums and Detail Services            Content Downloads         

" Believe in something, or you’ll fall for anything”

" Believe in something, or you’ll fall for anything”

Forums and DetailServices


Motivational Speaking Platforms: Topics   

Leadership I Theory and Practice

Planning and Budgeting 

· Establish agendas 

· Set timetables 

· Allocate resources 

Organizing and Staffing 

· Provide structure 

· Make job placements 

· Establish rules and

Controlling and Problem Solving 

· Develop incentives 

· Generate creative solutions 

· Take corrective action 

Professional Workshops on Employee Motivation: Topics: Theoretical prospective/ Self-Determination Theory vs. Situational Leadership Theory  Internal and External Motivation factors. Leadership skills that inspires motivation.

Professional Workshops on  Individualized Educational Plan (IEP'S)  Topics: IDEA Federal Mandated Act/ Components of the IEP/ Imperative information for parents with children with disabilities.

Professional Workshops on Children with Disabilities: Topics; Disabilities from A-Z (what you should know)

Career and Planning : Topics

                                             Smart Goal Model 

· Determining your vision (What is next after k-12 and college life?)

a. What would your life look like if you had the power to change it right now? 

b. Where would you live?

c.  What would your career be? 

d. How would you spend your time? 

e. Who would you spend your time with?

f. Whose life do you admire? What about the course of their life makes it appealing to you?

· Construct a guiding vision statement. 

· Take it slow.   

· Write out a life plan. 

· Determine which parts of your life you would like to change Identify       resources and plan steps.

· Learn the importance of setting goals. 

The Angel In the Ghetto: Coming Soon

This will be book based on an angel living in the ghetto with a second grade education and inspiring through blessings the ability for her 16 children to become  productive community leaders based on some factual evidence. COMMING SOON DECEMBER 2020 !!

Do you think that there are born leaders? (Leadership Trait Theory)


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